Mezzanine People App Released

Today we released a simple app for the open source Mezzanine CMS. The app adds a “Person” content model to a Mezzanine CMS that allows administrators to easily categorize and list people on their site. You might see this sort of thing on a “team” page or a list of staff members such as we have at the Humboldt Community Christian School site we built recently.

We released the app under a very permissive open source license that allows anyone to use and modify it how they wish. We’ve benefited from lots of fantastic open source software (Mezzanine is a prime example) and this is a small way for us to give back. Lest you think this is a truly selfless act, having the package available on the Python Package Index (PyPI) makes it much easier for us to incorporate and deploy the functionality for sites we build.

The package is available on Github and on PyPI.